May 29, 2014 REUNION Preparations!!

park5-29-14Got my mowing and weed wacking done. I love the park neatly groomed! We are really looking forward to seeing all our poodles and poodle friends. Lots of people coming from FAR away! So fun!!
Everybody doing good, my sweet Reba is okay not perky, but okay. She plugs along 😀 Such a sweetie.


May 28, 2014 EIGHT BATHS!

Two baths to go! Guess who's next!

Two baths to go! Guess who’s next!

The girls had baths and trims. They needed them, they smelled like lake from swimming with Harlee on Monday! ACK They like baths but I usually have to capture them. Doing eight baths and trims is a days work but I also mowed the two acres of the park and weed wacked the entire thing. WE ARE READY! I see that some of our friends coming from other state are on their way! Weather should be really nice (maybe too hot) WE ARE SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING EVERYBODY!

May 27, 2014 My pretty girls!!

8 pretty girls!!

8 pretty girls!!

I was waiting for rain all day so we didn’t go to the park this morning, then it got hot so we didn’t go this afternoon. This is their “what are we doing? our routine has changed” look 😀 When we did go so I could mow and weed wack there were three dogs laying under the tent gazabo thing. When we drove in they ran to the far corner and stayed there plastered to the fence. I got one out but the other two just hid. Poor things they have collars no tags. I put my girls in the house and did some yard work but the mosquito’s about carried me away so we came home. I opened all the gates so they can find their way out and hopefully home. The one that found it’s way out clearly did not want to leave the others and stayed outside the fence. If they are there in the morning I’ll call the dog warden, I hate to, that doesn’t always end well. Guess I’ll have to close my gates. Just FOUR more days until the REUNION!!!
Silly Poppy!

Silly Poppy!

May 26, 2014 Poppy smiles

Big smile for Mindy

Big smile for Mindy

Haha Poppy has the BEST SMILE! She is so funny! She loves Mindy and is always happy to see her. She’s a happy girl. It was almost too hot at the park today. We stayed until 11 am and the girls were ready to go (they get in the back of the truck when they want to go home), they were pretty worn out from chasing the ball. We come home and they sleep all afternoon. They sure have the life!
My red ball!

My red ball!

May 25, 2014 BLACK BABIES!!

black2yearsTHE BLACK babies are TWO today!! Maurice/Horace, Jack/Artie, Clint/Remmington and Karen/Francis. BIG PUPS both Horace and Remmy are over 100 lbs. Going through these pictures just killed me 😥 My beautiful Francis is gone. We miss her beautiful bright expressive eyes and the delightful exuberance she got from her dad. We are so sad. Harlee and I speak of her so often, we fondly remember the many funny things she did. We will especially miss her GATERPOO antics 😥 It will be a sad summer without her.

May 23, 2014 NEW TOY

newtoyThe girls LOVE any thing that squeaks!! Any shape, any size as long as it makes some kind of noise!! We spend a lot of money on new balls (I’ve given up on everything else) 😦 We are getting ready for the reunion!! Just one short week away!! We even have some overnight campers!! JOIN US it’s a very fun day!! Noon to 4 bring a dish to pass. Put the address for the mecosta county senior center in your GPS 12954 80th Ave Mecosta Mi 49332. Turn East on 13 mile go a couple miles turn North on 60th. The park is 3/4 mile on east side of road there will be signs out. If you’re coming from M66 (Chippewa Hills school is on corner) there is a sign for 60th. There is a MAUVE house on the corner.

May 24, 2014 Christine/Nora!

20140525-061241-22361540.jpgSo far I hate this new blog format. I tried to post from my Ipad and got it all messed up (grrrr) at any rate WHAT a beautiful girl Nora is!! AND SO LOVED! Our babies get the BEST Homes 🙂
I wish all dogs had such great homes!
My niece got married today, she looked SO pretty and so happy. Every body laughs when I tell them why people cry at weddings. It’s because THEY KNOW it’s the best day you’re going to get, all down hill from here haha. They cry looking at the clueless bride and groom who thinks every day will be like this one 🙂 Tom and I have our 43 wedding anniversary Wednesday. Holy cow, that sounds really old!! But we’ve had Way more good days than bad, what more can you ask?