August 28, 2016 Pontoon

imageOur pontoon rides are coming to a close😕 Where did the summer go? The girls (Rene sitting by me)will miss the rides and swimming but then they are happy doing whatever we are doing.
Patti Sue is doing much better, the shots have helped her hips a LOT, we limit her trips on stairs and have a ramp for the truck all which I think helps her. She feels good, her happy wagging self. She will love seeing everybody at the reunion😍 Nicki (12 years) is going strong.  Hopefully I get to enjoy her company a couple more years😀


August 27, 2016 Dorothy/Bridgett

imageDottie and Wally make the BEST BABIES 😍
Dorothy/Bridgett and her little busy Maddie😍 What a beautiful face she has. Pampered and loved just like we like it😘 More of these babies in November and we can’t wait!!
Tyrion/Bevo goes home to Dallas Tuesday. He will be joining his uncle Sonny/Cash from Lexie and Jacks GREASE litter😀😀 we love it when our babies join a family member, they KNOW making their adjustment easier. I feel bad about flying him but it’s one horrible day for a life of a king.  We will really miss this baby, he’s special❤️❤️

August 26, 2016 York, Barney, Maggie

imageMy three beauties happy in Wisconsin!! York (Parris and Ruben baby, littermate to Francis 2005) Rupee/Barney (brindle from Grace and Dennis) and Sue/Maggie (Dottie and Wally baby from Glee litter!!) 😀❤️😍😘 I so appreciate pictures, it’s fun to see our babies so happy and loved. In all these years I have only regretted two puppy homes😭 I feel SO bad (that number should be ZERO) for the pups that did not get the life I intended them to have. Sadly when it’s too late, you learn these people seem to have a different idea of what THEY think a GOOD home is and my standard for a good home 😭😭😭I’m guilt ridden every time I think of it😩

August 25, 2016 Walther/Knight

Graduated from puppy school is Rene and Wally’s baby Walther/Knight😀 What a fun color he is! Cafe aulait ( coffee with cream color) our very first! And perhaps last, every litter can be very different. Rene had 3 reds her first litter and no more. I hope the brindle babies Grace had with Dennis wasn’t a fluke. I want one!!! I think we are planning to keep a Dottie/Wally boy for a future studmuffin. They are just so sweet we think they’d be a good match for Lyra. We will be looking for a family to co-own him with us😀

August 24, 2016 Tyrion

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My handsome boy is still here, 33 lbs at 16 weeks. I get at least three calls a week from people who want him for breeding. He will not be leaving here unless his only job is loving his family. I have a very low opinion of ” breeders” and I do not consider myself among them, we are enthusiasts. Breeders treat their dogs like livestock😡  (I know of a male that was a wrack of bones, he was not fed so he wouldn’t poop) “breeders” use and abuse them then pass them on 😡 The poor things can have many homes ( if you can call it a home) 😭One breeder told me she is happy when she can retire one of her dogs because FINALLY IT IS LOVED😭 (Thankfully not all breeders are horrible, but I never risk it)  I can’t imagine looking into those soulful eyes and not loving them OR caring what happens to them, puppy or adult. My babies will not spend their life in a crate waiting to be a sperm donor ( and sadly I’ve learned you can’t believe what people tell you). So we wait for the perfect people who will love and adore this wonderful baby like we do. He deserves the very best ( Harlee and I especially love when they can mend broken hearts)❤️

August 23, 2016 Daenerys/Piper

imageimagePretty sure Piper is enjoying her visit. She and Tyrion ( he doesn’t know his name we call him baby, big boy, buddy, puppy) race around the park ( about an hour) then sleep most of the day. They know the routine and jump in the truck then patiently wait for the ride to begin ( they are smart and avoid Patti Sue who will use her idle time to clean their eyes on the trip over) sometimes they don’t want to leave so we play more ball and they jump back in the truck ready to go home for a nap. It’s been a little cooler, which we are all happy about!

Work on the new house continues with heating and cooling done and a little more plumbing.  We will be moving the dogs over so we can list this house ( yard is a disaster) in a week or so.  Doesn’t seem like we got much done this summer but contractors work on their schedule NOT YOURS.  I’ve found they start the job then leave ( so you don’t hire anybody else) then do a little bit every couple days to keep you quiet. Seven weeks it took to install furnace and central air ( they did service calls first)😡They do however want to be paid the day they are done.  I’ll be glad when this is over and we are settled.

August 22, 2016 Lyra Loo

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Lyra is a clone of her mother, Grace. So happy. So silly. She loves having the pups here although she can be a little rough at times and I’m not sure it’s an accident. She gets jealous too, she’s been the baby and doesn’t like to share us with new babies😍 Speaking of new babies, we are waiting for the girls to go into heat. We will do another fabulous Grace and Dennis litter and another Dottie and Wally litter. We are VERY happy with those pairs and the adorable babies they give us😀 Taking deposits for mid November babies. Going home after the holidays.