September 29, 2016 TBT

imageI’ve been going through boxes and boxes of photos and remembering our favorite family moments. It all goes so unbelievably fast😩 Lily loved to ride anything that moved, she’d lean to stay on😂 She is Grace’s great great great great great grandma😘 What a personality she had, loved dill pickles and watermellon😃 I cried for two months after she died, I thought I’d never stop. Then I found Checkers ( Patti’s mom) in need of rescue, breeding stock and unloved. She reminded me SO MUCH of Lily in looks and behavior. My tears turned to smiles as she mended my broken heart❤️ The only way to get over devastating loss is the distraction of someone else to care for🐩


September 28, 2016 My alarm clocks

They must miss me because they get me up at 6am so they can do this🙄 We actually love tiny house living. We have everything we need here ( I wish I had internet 😕 But won’t be here long enough to bother with adding it) I love seeing our four cats all day( Monica, Ross, Joey and Chandler all fixed) our black kitty is at home, she gets fed and lovin when I go home to purge every day😃
Boats are out of the water and leaves are changing. I really do love fall😍

September 27, 2016 Lysa/Emmy

imageI think you could title this photo ” how to catch a poodle” 😂 Isn’t she just too cute! I’m getting a lot done everyday at home. Throwing stuff out ( not easy for me) and moving my craft and dog stuff over here to the park. I’m finding stuff I forgot I have😃

September 26, 2016 Lyra

imageimageLyra had a vet appointment today to verify what I suspected about her limp, nothing serious but it needs rest to heal (impossible task at her young age)😬she has a strained ligament in her front shoulder that will heal very slowly 😩 She jumped out of the back of the truck ( tailgate up) as soon as I opened the lid she came lunging out so excited to be at the park. Puppies should not be allowed to jump ( their growth plates are open)something I’m mindful of, but sadly couldn’t prevent😫 We ended the trip to town with a stop at Menards😝

September 24, 2016 County singers

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Happy 2nd birthday to Dottie and Wally’s COUNTRY SINGER babies! Jodee/Alaina, Martina/Scarlett, Tanya/Katie, Patsy/Cookie, Bonnie/Lily, Dolly/Lilly, Hank, Luke/Mac, Toby and Waylon/Walt😘😍❤️😃Dottie and Wally have the sweetest babies. I’m thinking of co-owning a boy from their next litter as husband to Lyra and a future brindle girl Harlee calls Gidget) Dottie has lots of colors in her background (Wally has more light colors, no phantom, sable or brindle) I really perfer to keep my own babies as I know years of health history ( sadly people are not honest or they don’t know more than the dog they own) they think genetic testing will fill in the blanks but it only reveals what the dog has or doesn’t have at the time of testing, not what is in the family tree or what future illness may develop. Twenty five years of keeping my own wonderful pets seems to be a better choice to ensure I have a healthy studmuffin😘 Email/text/call me if you live a couple hours away or closer if you’d like to share a male baby with me😃

September 24, 2016 Dani/Nellie

imageI love getting pictures of this girl, she is just stunning!! We didn’t get any babies like her in the second litter😩Every litter can be completely different, we’ve found it’s risky to wait for the next litter, that color may never come up again😬 I’m worried Grace won’t have brindle again😥 The girls heats are late (my three, Rosalie has hers)I’m so anxious for new babies, they will be at the new house (the White House will be listed and having babies there will be difficult) these might be Christmas babies at this rate🙁