June 23, 2016 Haircuts!

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Everybody got shaved today. Big babies face and butt. Littles face and back feet. Some took it in stride, some had a melt down😕 The younger they are the more compliant they are. I love shaved faces, poodles have such beautiful faces, they know when they are pretty😍 Harlee will be back tomorrow from her visit with Tom and Mindy.


June 22, 2016 Fun with Lyra

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Lyra is a bit rough (7 months old) but the babies flock to play ( used loosely) with her!! If they yip she instantly leaps back knowing she’s in trouble, just her size makes her a bit hazardous  😃 They collapse and let her roll them around and chase her like a school of fish.   Ammo and BB are her favorites but the big babies are all anxious to get involved, the little babies keep a bit of distance😀 She will be an excellent mother like her mom Grace, grandma Patti Sue and great grandma Checkers😀

June 21, 2016 Dottie

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Dottie (half sister to Rene and Rosalie mom’s of our 19 babies) is just precious. She not only has lots of milk and feeds them but she lays down and cuddles them ( something their mothers won’t do). They all eat kibble so nobody needs to feed them, but they do love nursing😀 And they are busy so I can clean up poop😀😀

June 20, 2016 Rosalie home

imageI took Rosalie back home. Harlee went with me (Rockford) to spend the week with Uncle Tom and Aunt Mindy. We miss her here but I suppose I have to share😠 Weather has been wonderful. We go to the park and swimming then work on the new house. We are learning to stay in our yard and not to bark. Our new puppy/dog yard is under construction, things outside are shaping up😀


June 19, 2016 Poontoon


We had a busy day. Went to the park early before it got hot, played for a bit and fed ( and loved) our five kitties. Got home went for a quick swim then off to the new house to paint and work on the yard. Dog/puppy area is underway  but for some reason the contractors we select start the job then run off to do someone’s else’s FIRST 😡 So that will be another week! Furnace is ordered and when that comes we have guys to install the ductwork.  After that things will go fast with drywall, floors etc.  I must say a house facing east is MUCH cooler than a house facing west.  No hurry to move, just hard keeping up three places in five mile area😐

My helper is leaving for the week, she’s going to Grand Rapids to stay with Aunt Mindy and  Uncle Tom.  She will like that☺️ Rosalie can go home, she will REALLY Like that, been a long six weeks away from her home.  The babies will do fine with the moms we have here.  She’ll be back on weekends😀

June 18, 2016 Puppy pool

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At 86 degrees it was time to see if the babies enjoyed the water. Some stayed in paralyzed, some jumped right out. Some got back in😀 Some were happy if they could sit on Harlee’s lap. All so cute and none minded being wet. We try to expose them to different things every day. It’s good for them, makes them flexible. I encourage that when they go home too. The more you can expose them to as pups the more they will accept with ease as adults😉

June 17, 2016 Puppy love

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And the puppy love continues😍😍😍 how we enjoy having puppies. I especially enjoy finding them wonderful homes. Since I can’t keep them all ( a sad fact)I can find them families that will cherish them as we do. We owe it to their mothers to make sure they will be loved and have long happy lives. They have a great start thanks to Harlee, our poodles and me😘 We are very proud of the babies we produce😀