June 19, 2016 Poontoon


We had a busy day. Went to the park early before it got hot, played for a bit and fed ( and loved) our five kitties. Got home went for a quick swim then off to the new house to paint and work on the yard. Dog/puppy area is underway  but for some reason the contractors we select start the job then run off to do someone’s else’s FIRST 😡 So that will be another week! Furnace is ordered and when that comes we have guys to install the ductwork.  After that things will go fast with drywall, floors etc.  I must say a house facing east is MUCH cooler than a house facing west.  No hurry to move, just hard keeping up three places in five mile area😐

My helper is leaving for the week, she’s going to Grand Rapids to stay with Aunt Mindy and  Uncle Tom.  She will like that☺️ Rosalie can go home, she will REALLY Like that, been a long six weeks away from her home.  The babies will do fine with the moms we have here.  She’ll be back on weekends😀


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