April 30, 2015 Waylon/Walt


Waylon/Walt is another Wally (Dottie’s country singer litter) baby like the new babies.  Puck and Kurt have very similar markings with a lot of black.  He’s a handsome boy!! 

The new babies are doing great. They get their tails docked and dew claws removed tomorrow.  Harlee will meet the babies later today and be here over the weekend.  Now that we have new babies we have to wait to have park sleepovers, it’s well worth the wait to enjoy our babies😀



April 29, 2015 EIGHT NEW BABIES!


The GLEE BABIES are here and they are adorable!!Rene started having babies at 6:30 pm and had her last baby at 11 pm. I stayed up till one but she looked pretty settled so I went to bed.  Final count eight 4 boys (Artie, Kurt and Puck are black and white parti.  Finn is cream) and four girls (Mercedes is black, Sugar is cream or light apricot and Sue and Cameo are black & white parti’s) nice little fat babies.  I should have a couple available babies but won’t know who for a bit.  Picking is easy because we have FABLOUS parents, grand parents and great grand parents.  Since we don’t introduce dogs we don’t know anything about, we know our twenty plus years of health history is more reliable than testing, that basically only tells you if the parent has a particular illness NOT if the babies will have it ( resessive genes are impossible to predict even in people).  We handle our babies constantly and expose them new things on a daily basic so they are confident and loving.  In other words with great parents and loved every minute of their life every one is a pick of the litter😀 That leaves a sweet little face that speaks to you or your favorite color😀


April 28, 2015 babies TODAY????


Still waiting (sigh) Grandma Lexie and sister Rosalie are here this week.  We are house bound until the babies come good time to get the POO haul fixed.  Agh waiting is awful😫 I’ve been keeping busy by making Christmas ornaments.  I love these, will look great on my silver tree!!! I’ll sell them later but if you can’t wait message me😀


April 27, 2015 Maurice/Horace


The wonderful 102 lb Francis & Jack baby Clint/Maurice.  He reminds me so much of grandpa Ruben❤️ hopefully we will have some of his babies this fall!!

Rene is due tomorrow! She is pretty grumpy and growls at anybody that looks at her😀 ( I can relate)  she is nesting and panting so anytime now!! Puppy cam is on 😄 watch Facebook for the latest news!!

April 26, 2015 Earl/ Charley Bo


I knew this pup was going to have FABLOUS COLOR but he exceeded my expectations!! I hope Rene has more of red and white parti ( very rare).  We are so excited to have new babies!! the waiting is murder!! One would think I’d be used to it by now, but no😩 

The poo haul is in the shop so no park until I get it back BOO HOO 

THE SPRING REUNION HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO MINIMIZE THE RISK OF DOG FLU the new date is June 27 new time too 10 am-2pm ( might not be as hot as later day) Bring your favorite dish and be sure to indicate you are going so I can have a gift for you😀


April 25, 2015 Girls at work


It wasn’t unbearably cold so we went to the park for an hour then over to the manor.  I have a longer work day if I have the dogs with me 😀 I want them to be comfortable over there, so they need to go a lot.  Clearly I need more poodle seating.  Nicki spent half the day laying in Toms shower haha.  Parris is SOOO NEEDY over there OMG she is so funny she spent the day between our legs haha. Hard to run wire with six dogs on your heels.  They helped me put door knobs on too😳 I think RENE would rather be home but we are on puppy watch so until the babies arrive, she is not out of my sight😉

April 24, 2015 Earl/Charley Bo

Lol two poodles are TWICE THE FUN! Earl/Charley Bo seems to be oblivious to his brothers teeth haha so funny.  I love how entertaining poodles are.  Who needs TV? The girls keep me laughing all day.  

Things are looking up! We finally have a contractor that will restore this house to pre broken water pipe state😡 Since February three rooms have not had ceilings and floors!  We are making progress at the “manor” ( west cove manor, new house on the other side of the lake)  Tom hurt his back and can’t go up and down the ladder so I’ve been running the electrical wire, while he does the wiring of the lights and plugs.  We are almost done with the electric on the main floor then plumbing next.  I can’t wait to get a working bathroom😳 

RENE doing fine.  Eating good and getting fatter by the day!