March 31, 2016 Dave/Remi


Yeah!! I’ve got a baby for two weeks while his family goes to Florida!! Remy is so darn cute!! He really reminds me of his dad Wally😀 Mom Dottie doesn’t seem very excited to have him back😛if it doesn’t rain we will have a play date with Jay/Teddy tomorrow. Remi’s dad made me these awesome signs for the park!! I LOVE THEM!!!So very nice of them!!





March 30, 2016 Grace babies

imageimageI am more than thrilled with the Vgrace and Dennis babies! Most are 50 lbs at 5 months! Buck/Sunji (above) is a brindle parti! Rubles/Bentley is brown and reminds me SO MUCH of grandpa Ruben!! I can’t wait for fall for my own Grace baby! After having adorable Lyra for a week, I’m really looking forward to my own baby😀😀😀


March 29, 2016 Adorable Dani/Nellie

Everytime I see her my heart skips a beat, what a beauty!! We are looking forward to her little siblings May 12😀
In the mean time we are enjoying the warmer weather ( not the mud) and working on the house every day. Honestly it’s a pain taking them with me ( but I hate to leave them home). They follow me everywhere making it hard to move about😀 Ahh the life of a poodle mom☺️

March 28, 2016 Maurice/Horace

imageFuture studmuffin Maurice/Horace is learning carting😀 It’s great excercise, you can even get carts for several dogs and rides. What fun! He is already a certified search and rescue dog😀 SO SMART! At 107 lbs he’s a gentle giant😍 The plan is to have Dottie and Horace babies this fall😍😘❤️


March 27, 2016 Matisse/Tegan

image This beautiful boy is a Lexie & Jack baby from the LITTLE EINSTEIN litter😀 I so enjoy when people take a minute to show us their happy baby😀
Both new mothers, Rene and Rosalie doing good. The waiting is painful😕 It is SO FUN seeing who we get😀 I’m collecting deposits so if you’re thinking of adding a wonderful baby to your poodle family better hurry, May 5 and 12 will be here before you know it!!

March 26, 2016 Kisses/Tootsie

At almost ten years old (end of April) Kisses/Tootsie ( Jazz and Ruben baby) is going strong! She’s a therapy dog and has wins blue ribbons in agility!! What a beauty she is, And so smart! We’ve always said anybody related to Jazz is super smart ( we call it the Jazz gene) that girl figured things out, doors, gates she wasn’t easy to contain but she only escaped to get TO YOU, never away. She’d let everybody out and they all go sit on the pontoon and wait for a ride. We have so many funny Jazz stories. Warms our heart to see her babies and a Ruben dad makes her all the more special❤️😍😘

March 25, 2016 Reba/Ava


Dottie and Wally’s baby Reba/Ava

Look who has a splash of pink!! I just love Reba/Ava’s new look 😀 She looks so elegant but then you know I love dyed hair☺️

The power was off all night and FINALLY Came back on at 4 pm. Amazing how our lives revolve around our conveniences. I wonder ( with so much free time not able to do much but read and think of all the things you need to do when powerless) how we’d survive a terror attack on the power grid ( clearly not very well) the park electric was out too, the kitties were upset about cold heating pads ( they were all ruffed up) even animals don’t like being powerless😕 What a wasted day😬