November 29, 2015 Blended family

After our visitors left I got busy and moved Gracie’s babies down to the family room so they can start going outside.  This weeks weather is going to be in the high 40’s they’ll love that (so will I, less wet bedding and newspapers)  😀  Rosie’s babies love outside and go out to poop (not all peeing yet but it’s a process).  The moms are a little overwhelmed but so sweet about feeding everybody.  The small and medium babies love Goo and are eating more and wearing less.  Later this week I’ll stop mixing it in the blender and give them milk soaked kibble like Rosie’s babies.  They need baths but pointless until they eat without laying in the bowl 😀


November 28, 2015 Poodle tree!!

My favorite thing is my poodle Christmas tree (well not really but close)with over 20 years of ornaments.  Just when I think I have no room for another ornament I squeeze in some more 😀 Some years you can find a lot of them other years hardly any 😦  Pups are doing great!  Rosie’s babies love outdoors and cry to go out.  Dottie babies went out for the first time and didn’t know what to think but not much crying actually and tails were up!  Grace babies will move downstairs later today as they need more room.   Life is good!

November 27, 2015 HAIRCUTS!!


OMG we’ve never had colors like this before!! Can’t wait to see how they turn out!  Gracie babies DIVE INTO their goo, can’t say I’ve ever had babies quite this messy :0 But thankfully it passes.  Since Grace is not terribly lady like I should have expected it 😀 Rosalie babies love outside even if it’s cold, I put them out every two hours since its too cold for the puppy door.  We’ll get Dottie babies outside too after some rearranging.


November 26, 2015 Haircuts!


First haircuts for Dottie’s ADORALE babies!! Dave, Doc and Linda are available 😀 Second face haircuts for Rosalie’s babies, also front feet.  OMG we are on cuteness overload 😀  Grace babies started GOO and I don’t think we’ve ever had a litter that ate so much they fell asleep in the bowl 🙂 They love food!! Dottie babies are the only babies we’ve ever had that did not LOVE GOO! They eat it, but certainly aren’t excited about it.. They like mom who does NOT like their sharp little teeth :0 Trying to put my poodle Christmas Tree up, it’s slow going but I’ll get it up! I love it and all the years of collecting ornaments 😀


November 25, 2015 Progress

Dave, Doc and Linda!! Dottie’s available babies 😀 OMG we are on cuteness overload! Finally they are eating/wearing goo but not really thrilled, they don’t dive in like most litters do (that’s not a bad thing).  They are getting teeth so Dottie does not want to spend hours nursing them (can’t blame her).  Rosalie’s babies love outside.  They scratch at the door to go out 😀 Graces babies are almost ready for goo from a bowl, they are already eating it from the baby feeder so the transition will be easy for them (I have a feeling VERY MESSY) Once everybody is peeing on papers and eating from a bowl life for me will be much simpler 😀 I can be spending my time getting puppy kisses!

November 24, 2015 Wally

Adorable Wally! He and Dottie have the most affectionate babies.  He is just the best boy.  His dad is a mechanic and Wally enjoys the idle hands of the guys there to watch Jerrod work.  He lives a few miles from Tom and Mindy so they see him often.  Everybody who has Dottie and Wally aies ADORE THEM! The best of both wonderful pets!  This will be our busiest week as Dottie babies are just learning goo.  They really don’t want it.  They like mom! Grace babies need a bottle three times a day, they are huge babies and Grace can’t keep them satisfied.  Saturday they’ll get goo and can eat all they want.  Rosie babies are eating neatly and love to go outside.  I AM NOT ready for Thanksgiving 😀

November 23, 2015 GOO!

The babies are not very thrilled with GOO but they haven’t been bottle fed and never tasted it before.  Dottie AKA the milk machine keeps them pretty full.  But as they get bigger they need more food so she won’t be able to keep up.  Once they get teeth I will just moisten the kibble with milk and they will eat it with lots less mess 😀 Grace babies next, this weekend they will be ready for goo.  Rosalie babies got baths, they are exceptionally cute when not crusty 😀