November 28, 2016 poodle tree

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I always look forward to putting up my poodle tree ( right😳 How am I going to paint behind there???) Thirty years of collecting ornaments 😃 Some years you can find a lot of them, other years not many but I buy everyone I see😃 I usually make a couple to share with my friends that have poodle trees😃 Grace is getting a big appetite, I feed her all she wants. She’s long with lots of room to hide babies but they suddenly pop out😃 Dottie is a week behind😃 What better present than new babies😍😍😍


November 27, 2016 New from the POOTIQUE

imageI’ve been painting wall at the new house by day, making photo ornaments by night😃 It’s not easy finding a photo that fits so I have to do some creative cropping but they look great and are fun to make. I made this one for the twins, great picture of the four of them😃


November 26, 2016 Buck/Sunji

Spoiled poodles have NO IDEA how big they are😂 Ruben at 92lbs thought he was 6 lbs. same with Lyra and Grace😀 Buck/Sunji is a happy boy ( I insist on that) his mother adores him😍 He’ll be a big brother before we know it😃 We can hardly wait!! I can’t wait to see how Lyra is with her new siblings😘

November 25, 2016 TG Babies

Happy 7th Birthday to Francis and Jacks THANKSGIVING Babies Tader/Dyson, Harvest/Harvey, Mayflower/May, Maize/Emma and Grace/Gracie ❤️😘😍 Seven already😩 Where does the time go? Such beauties ( brown is a rare color) The next litter we had all BROWN names picked out (Leroy, Murphy, Charlie etc) and all the babies were BLACK!! LOL we were scrambling for a new theme😂

November 24, 2016 Thanksgiving

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We had a really nice Thanksgiving at Tom and Mindys new home in Cedar Springs😃 Naturally Lexie and Rosalie were thrilled to have more people to pet them😃
No baby bumps yet, another week and Grace won’t be able to hide those adorable babies😃 It’s the end of the month , I get behind on the BLOG to save data😃 I now have WIFI at the new house so I’ll keep up better on our baby news😃

November 23, 2016 Window peeker

imageIm going to hate leaving the park, I so enjoy my cats😃 They get up on the grill and look in reminding me it’s time for a meal😃 All my life I’ve wanted a cat but Tom thought he didn’t like them ( his dad hated cats) but here I can have all I want😃 He brought me a stray from hunting camp to add to the 5 I already have. We took him straight to the vet to get fixed ( he already was) shots, wormed and flea meds. This summer Harlee and I got an elaborate rabbit hutch that we converted to a kitty holding pen ( we added a story for a kitty potty area with wire mesh so they can see the other cats and get acquainted. He has his own heating pad and food and doesn’t seem to mind being confined. I hated that trailer but it makes a perfect CAT HOUSE😃 I feed the cats the same food I cook for the dogs and they do not shed, their coats are so shiny. Food REALLY MATTERS!! Since the poodles don’t shed I didn’t realize the difference it really does make😃 Gunther sheds bad! I’ll be watching for changes in his coat and overall health😃