May 28, 2015 Upstairs for a few days


The good news is we have contractors putting the house back together after the February water damage ( pipe to  boiler froze the day it was -23) the bad news is the pups are displaced while they work😥 they loved being upstairs, two moms to feed them😀  Once again Dottie is miffed because Rene reclaimed her kids haha. Grace loves playing with them, such good girls everybody loves the babies❤️



May 27, 2015 Toys


Lol the babies were so cute playing with toys😀  They are the happiest pups, and why wouldn’t they be.  They will be fabulous pets loved every moment of their lives.  Everybody has a home, that makes me 😀😥 it’s really hard to part with them but knowing they will have such wonderful homes makes it easier to hand them over.  I love when families stay in touch😀


May 26, 2015 HAIRCUTS!


First haircuts are easy.  They are very compliant ( less so with each week) and look SO CUTE!! I do their face tail and butt the first week.  Front feet and face next week.  Back feet, face and butt the next week.  Then everything before they go home.  Makes them easier to groom because it isn’t so scary.  😃 Sharp little teeth coming in.  Dottie and Rene won’t like that😳


May 25, 2015 Happy 3rd Birthday!


Francis and Jack’s babies are THREE TODAY! We had all “brown” names picked out and every baby was BLACK HAHA what a surprise! Maurice/Horace is a future stud muffin at 102 lbs he will pass on all the wonderful qualities of his mom FRANCIS, dad Jack 😃❤️ he’s the grandson of Ruben and of the smartest dog on EARTH  JAZZ ❤️❤️❤️


May 24, 2015 OUTSIDE


The little smarties☺️they go outside!! People don’t believe you when you tell them the babies are potty trained but they are.  They know they want to go outside to potty but don’t know how to tell you.  Like a little human you have to stay on top of it by putting them out every two hours in the same spot.  In a day or two they will be used to the new routine with some method of communication even if it’s just staring at you😄


May 23, 2015 OUTSIDE

 We’ve been putting the babies outside several times a day, it doesn’t take them long to love the wide open spaces and even scratch at the door to go out! They kind of know how to get back in but until we’re sure they do we don’t put the dog door in.  Usually takes a few days to learn where the opening to inside is, then another couple to learn how to push open the flap of the dog door.  In a week they will poop outside.  So smart! So cute, SO ADORABLE!!!


May 22, 2015 SAD DOTTIE


Poor Dottie her stolen babies defected back to their mother at dinner time haha.  She spends all day with them and has milk.  It is really nice to have so many sweet moms and grandmas that teach the babies to love other dogs☺️ Goo eating is going much better, we can feel tiny little teeth under the surface of their gums.  I’m guessing Dottie won’t be quite so eager to feed them when they have little razor teeth😳