October 31, 2014 Harlee & Patti Sue

IMG_2719.JPGHarlee dressed Patti Sue as the girl and herself as the dog haha. She loves taking one of the dogs to school and makes sure her costume needs one. Last year she took Francis as Cooper and she was Si from Duck Dynasty. Patti loves all the attention including being in the class picture, poodles are happy doing anything YOU ARE😄



October 30, 2014 Twenty hair cuts!

IMG_2718-1.PNGRene’s babies were so good for their first haircuts! Shaved faces are much easier to wash goo off of and since they have shown little improvement in neat eating, I thought there was no time like the present. We give first haircuts around three weeks anyway but they really needed them. I LOVE little shaved faces😍 Dottie’s babies got their faces and butts done for a second time and front feet done too. They were good considering nobody is crazy about having their feet shaved. Those faces are so expressive, such sweet eyes! Their noses are still turning black, some still have some pink spots, others completely black. They wag and cry when they see me. Who can resist a puppy?? Not me, thats’s for SURE!

October 29, 2014 Moving day

IMG_2661.JPGI moved Rene’s babies down to the family room so they will have more room and access to outside.
Dottie’s babies wanted to meet them but they will be too rough for at least another week or so. Everybody SO CUTE!! We can hardly stand it!! Puppy cams moved too, one pointing outside. The other on Rene’s babies😉


October 28, 2014 puppy socializing

IMG_2663.JPGI don’t know who’s happier to see who, Harlee to see the babies or the babies to see Harlee. They certainly clamor for attention, it is so cute. But then nothing is cuter than puppies, especially poodle puppies!! Such lovers! I wish I could keep them all! Rene’s little sweeties climb up on your lap and sit there ( until they are knocked off by a sibling that is) Lady and Majesty really remind me of Reba. Wally’s great grandma was Reba’s litter mate Ruby. I think it’s the way they hold their cute little ears☺️

October 27, 2014 GOO

IMG_2614.JPGLittle improvement in the eating from a bowl department. They like their new food so much they wade right in😳 When they discover they can have all they want they won’t be quite so messy. The smaller pups won’t have to fight for a nipple they can all get full! I’ve found that the smaller pups in the litter are not the smallest pups as adults. What they are fed has everything to do with their adult size. They all have the same genetics so nutrition plays a big part in how big they grow ( processed foods is not good enough for optimal growth)


October 26, 2014 Halloween fun

IMG_2607.JPGSamantha/Sammi Sue won a Halloween photo contest with her “what is that on my head” expression haha. The Ruben & Patti Sue babies can give the best looks haha. Little sister Gracie is a constant source of entertainment😜
Harlee decided to be PATTI Sue for Halloween and painted the spots on her costume herself. Patti will go to school with her Friday to complete the costume. Patti will LOVE THAT, the more kids the BETTER!!


October 25, 2014 Reba/Ava

IMG_2578.JPGThis pretty girl looks and acts like her mother DOTTIE!! Such a delightful personalities they make you smile every time you look at them 😍 Dottie’s babies are such lovers (like both parents) and so smart, at five weeks they go outside to poop (100 percent of the time) and pee (95 percent of the time). I love their kisses and wags when you kiss them back😘