March 31, 2015 SNOW!!


I don’t think Dotties brother SPOT is impressed with the SNOW😁I’m not either!! Gotta love Michigan, surrounded by lakes the weather keeps us guessing, having said that it’s not boring☺️ Spot lives on the east side of the state with our Parris & Reggie baby Vera/Suki (who seems to have spotted a squirrel) when I first saw this photo I thought it was Miss Kay/Chardonnay they are related through Jazz 😊



March 30, 2015 Lacey/Barbie and Tanya/Katie


Happy in Texas our FRANCIS & Jack baby Barbie/Lacey ( who looks exactly like her mother) and Tanya/Katie DOTTIE and Wally’s baby girl.  Beautiful pampered pets😍😘 Still cold here, makes it hard to work on the new house with no heat.  No word from contractor so this house remains tore up GRRRRRR.  ON A POSITIVE NOTE RENE is getting a baby bump😀we are really looking forward to more of those adorable babies!  Such great colors! Grace and DOTTIE will want to steal them😊 


March 29, 2015 the fun continues


Burrr it was SO COLD, seemed like the perfect night for a campfire with marshmellows😀 the bad part about these sleepovers is no water or indoor bathroom😁that part I can do without but the good parts make up for it😀 like lots of needy poodles that clamor for hugs😍😘we got all our glasses/cups painted, and need to buy more😛they need to go home to be baked.  I’m glad to report that Nicki’s leg is back to normal and although PARRIS still limps a little it is much improved.  These old dogs make me nuts, seems like I’m always worried about somebody😭 with three over ten years I feel like I’m on the brink of heartache ( I’ve seen how fast and unexpected they fail)😭😭 keeping that in mind I spoil them ROTTON and enjoy every minute we have together!!


March 28, 2015 Sleepover


Harlee and I are back at the park enjoying a weekend with the poodles.  We are making  cups and glasses for our reunion guests so be sure you confirm you are coming to get on our project list😊 details are on the facebook events tab or email me.  May 16 noon to 4 bring a dish to pass.  Harlee will be doing some of the painting this year.  They are her own design and adorable! We look forward to these quiet weekends, we enjoy movie marathons and eat our favorite foods😀the dogs love cuddling on the couches with us, we are a captive audience😉 


March 27, 2015 Loretta/Lola


How I love those happy DOTTIE and WALLY babies😍 such beauties☺️   I’m thinking I’m going to breed DOTTIE to Horace this fall.  I’ve not given up on Grace but I want to make sure I have a girl linked to Ruben and back to my Tootsie, Sassy, Bo, Beemer, Maggie, Lily, Parris and FRANCIS!!  DOTTIE is an Elliot baby, she is a Jazz grandbabies ( our super smart gene) and Nicki daughter. Checkers and Patti are cousins. Reba is a great great great Aunt😃 those pups will be related to ALL MY BELOVED PETS!! I think we will get great colors too phantoms, parti, solid, SABLE are all possible!! 

March 26, 2015. BUS WATCH


Watching for Harlee to get off the bus is serious business.  We retrieve her from her house 3 days a week and then go to the park for a run so when the alarm on my phone goes off, six excited poodles race to the door😃 they know the routine😊 we won’t go to the park today I’d like to enjoy another day of sparkling clean pets😍



March 25, 2015 BATHS!


Everybody got a nice bath😋 RENE was miffed and wouldn’t look at me haha.  Thankfully I have a professional tub so giving six dogs baths isn’t that big a deal.  The parti girls get pink topknots to launch the spring season😀Clean poodles smell just delicious😍 Now to keep them clean for a day😳