October 23, 2015 Beggars!


I pride myself in eating licorice without sharing  but those eyes are hard to resist😊 Lexie’s dad Beau LOVED licorice, almost his favorite thing, so I had to share but the pieces are getting so small there isn’t much TO share 😕 We’re still waiting on babies! It’s so hard.  I want to stock up on meat so I’ll go down Monday get meat for dogs and pick Rosie up and bring her back with me, so she can have babies here.  She’ll have to stay five weeks or so but Mindy and Tom will come and see her on the weekends.  It will go fast😀


October 22, 2015 new house

image image image

Lots of things to smell at the new house, it has 1.7 acres of woods (75 ft of lake frontage) the girls like to wander around checking things out.  We take them with us everyday so they are familiar with their new home ( we are moving May/June) and comfortable .  Lots to do before then, but will go quick once we have the plumbing done.  Six more days to Rosalie babies!! We have everything ready to go!

October 21, 2015 Jenny/Poppy


I was SO happy to get a photo of Reba’s baby girl from her first litter in 2004 (Harry Potter “Weasley’s” litter) now 11 years old Jenny/Poppy is a healthy and treasured girl 😀   She really looks like my sweet Reba (gone 1 year on the 5th, how we miss her) 😥

October 20, 2015 SABLE BABIES


Oh I hope Grace or Rosalie has some sable babies, I just love this color! So unique! I know Rosalie will have phantom but not sure about Grace.  It’s like a box of chocolates 😀 never know what you’re going to get! This adorable girl is Wildfire/Zinnia a Citori (Lexie’s mother) and Beau. Love all the color choices!!

October 19, 2015 Bonnie/Lilly


Another wonderful Dottie/Wally baby 😀 her and her human as best buddies!!  These pups need (demand) lots of attention. Like their parents 😀 That’s what we love about them, wonderful devoted companions!  All’s well. We are ready for babies and the waiting is murder.  We decided to change Dottie’s theme to BACK TO THE FUTURE.  We love those movies and the people/names.  We will save MODERN FAMILY for later 😀

October 17, 2015 Amy Farrah/ Savanah

image image

Just like her big sister Grace, Savannah is a very amusing girl!! In fact the sisters are SO MUCH alike.  in looks and behavior both😀 She is going to get a little nephew!!  I’m not taking any more Grace deposits until we see who we get, we will have the perfect baby for everybody on our list😀 Counting the days😍