June 24, 2015 SWIMMING!!

Harlee and I mowed and weed whacked the park then came home for a refreshing swim!! The dogs just love to leap off the dock!! The water is really their favorite thing. I’m sad our first few swims remembering who’s missing from last year (Reba) and always sad about the antics of GATERPOO Francis who would nip the feet of the diving dogs.  Such great memories we have but they don’t replace the ache left behind by their absence.  At 11 years old Nicki is going strong and could chase her beloved red ball all day.  Sadly she is slowing down ( aren’t we all)  and wants only soft food.  I’m getting her teeth cleaned next week, I’m thinking she must have a bad tooth.  As much as I hate having her undergo a procedure I think it’s really necessary😬



June 23, 2015 Puck/Manny

The big day has arrived!! Puck/Manny is going home!! The second of our babies to leave us.  I KNOW he will be treasured and bring his new dad such joy!  We will see him Saturday at the reunion!! The other babies are turning into tiny terrors but Grace still asks to go see them! They bite her legs so she runs laps around them, it is so funny!  Watch Grace and the babies movie my goofy girl!  Dottie still feeds them ( we call her dessert) as does Rene but she gets mad about teeth quicker!

We are looking forward to the reunion!! We will start our yard work tomorrow!!


June 22, 2015 Puppy love

Harlee is back for the week! the babies are always happy to see her.  We have so enjoyed these little stinkers.  I always say I hate the day they come and hate the day they GO, LOVE EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.  Leaving us tomorrow is Puck/Manny.  He has a very special role to perform as healer.  His new dad lost his wife of many years on the day the pups were born.  Manny will be a special friend and companion.  His name Manny= Mike+Annie 😍 Mike has visited his new little guy every week (Tuesday the weekly birthday) usually with his brother Mark and has been astounded at the change from week to week 😀 they grow so fast😢sad for us, we don’t get them very long.

Sugar and her new little girl are BEST FRIENDS😍 in this photo the power went out and she’s worried about her puppy, so sweet!!


June 21, 2015 Dennis and Rene 


Haha ha So Dennis can dish out what Rene does to Dottie and Grace, squeaks the ball and won’t let them near it😀 It wasn’t as fun when she wasn’t on the squeaking end haha.  I just love watching the dogs play! It’s our last day with Dennis and Shelby, they will be very glad to be back home with their family.  Dennis was so good, settled right in.  Poor Shelby was nervous about why she was with us. She was getting better but so unsettled unless we were at the park.  She has Patti Sue’s sweet and worried disposition.  We will miss them!


June 20, 2015 Sugar/Rolo

Three year old Ada lost her dog this winter.  She told everybody she met her dog was in heaven.  I’m so glad our Sugar gets to mend her broken heart.  They are great friends😍😘 this photo is just precious!   Sugar/Rolo will be meeting her great uncle Boris ( Jazz and Beau baby from the Holloween litter) in a few days!! I hope they send pictures!!


June 19, 2015 Doris/Shelby and Dennis

 After we play at the park we go to the new house for a few hours of work.  Today’s project was painting more rail 😀 Harlee and Doris/Shelby enjoyed the shade and view of the balcony while the others tried their best to get covered in black paint😬 Shelby gives her mom a kiss when they greet, it’s so sweet.  Shelby reminds me so much of Ruben, she has his eyes😍 Dennis is pure delight a happy loving boy!  His babies, mixed with our adorable girls  will give us another generation of wonderful babies!!! 


June 19, 2015 Off to the vet! 


Big day for the babies! Shots and check ups!! We circled around to Morley to pick up Harlee’s friend Lael, who was puked on a couple times in the drive to Big Rapids 😳 (opps forgot to mention the hazards) then she’ll stay until Saturday with Harlee.  It’s the first time they’ve been together since schools been out so lots of giggling going on😉 other than the messy car ride the babies did great.  Everybody fat and healthy😀 but we knew that!