April 29, 2016 Lyra Loo

Lyra spent the day with us. I gave her a haircut and we played at the park. Like her mother Grace, she loves it there. She cracks me up scooping up the ball and teasing with it. Nobody dares take Grace’s ball, so her intimidation tactics are very amusing. Lyra was oblivious ☺️☺️
Parris started her CUSHINGS treatment today ( it’s a cancer drug to reduce the growth on her gland) she will have to take it the remainder of her life but I hope she returns to her perky self.


April 28, 2016 GLEE babies

imageHappy FIRST BIRTHDAY TO Rene and Wally’s GLEE BABIES Puck/Manny, Artie/Murphy, Kurt/Tosh, Finn/Fleury, Cameo/Belle, Sugar/Rolo, Sue/Maggie and MERCEDES😍❤️😘 such cuties!!! AND we can’t wait for more in six days ( give or take) everything is ready, I set up the puppy cams yesterday and they are broadcasting 😀 Watch our Facebook page for news of the babies arriving😀

April 27, 2016 Countdown!!

imageWe are entering the last week of our wait for babies!! Hopefully this time next week me and lots of new families will be VERY HAPPY☺️ To add to the fun the next week Rosalie shows us her babies!! Mindys going to stay with us, I think she prefers being here than surprise puppies in the back yard😳


April 26, 2016 Vera/Suki

imageParris and Reggie’s adorable baby girl Vera/Suki❤️ I have no idea how Parris had red babies, there is no red of apricot anywhere in her pedigree. What a pleasant surprise my sweet girl gave me. The vet called today and the test confirmed Parris has CUSHINGS disease. There are two causes but the most common is a benign tumor on the pituitary gland resulting in the over production of cortisol that regulates sugar and salt. Medication shrinks the growth and production returns to normal however she will need to stay on the meds all her life. I prefer this to Addison’s disease where no cortisol is produced ( much more difficult to regulate). Sadly old dogs wear out ( like old people) I’m so glad there is a fix for my precious girl and I can enjoy her company for awhile longer( a long while ) ❤️😍😍😍

April 25, 2016 Ronald/Liev

imageAnother beautiful Poppy and Reggie baby😀 Liev has the most beautiful eyes😀 How I love seeing our babies, that’s what is so fun about the reunions LOTS of poodles and the people who love them😀 Come join us May 21, details on the EVENTS TAB of our Facebook page. The fall reunion will be September 10 😀😀

April 24, 2016 Ten days to go!

image.jpegTEN MORE DAYS!! I Love our theme ” 2 nd AMENDMENT” Girls: Kimber,
Citori, Beebee, Marlin, Benelli, Beretta, Tikka, Uzi BOYS: Ruger, Ammo, Gunner, Parker, Westley, Merkel, Remmington, Winchester😀😀 we are a big gun family so it’s only fitting😀
We are getting ready for the poodle reunion May 21. The trailer I once hated is now a happy home for my kitties. I’m putting lattice around the bottom so they feel safe from the dogs when they don’t want to be inside. They are getting better about staying out of the fence ( they run to see me when I come) I’ve never had cats ( Tom thought 10 dogs was enough) so these sweet little animals are a real treat for me😍😍


Morning treats Monica, Joey, Chip and Ross😍

April 23, 2016 Franc/ Koa

imageimageI honestly can’t believe we got so many brindle babies from Grace and Dennis!! They are so fabulous!! I sure hope Grace gives me a brindle girl this fall ( although I’d be happy with a brown or brown & white parti like Moola). I wish I’d kept Lyra but didn’t want two black girls😕 This was better I get to see her and have two babies from Grace as her co- owner😀
12 days to go for Rene babies!! 20 days for Rosalie. We have lots of wonderful families waiting with us!!
No Parris test results yet😩