October 20, 2016 Jenny/Brandy

imageAnother beauty from Rosalie and Dennis! HOCUS POCUS babies are almost a year old and such beauties!! All three girls are in heat and hormones run high☺️ They can get grumpy like women ( they cycle together like women) 😳 Next couple weeks will be interesting in 400 sq feet😄

October 19, 2016 Patti and Ruben babies

imageTwo more of Patti Sue and Rubens beautiful girls! Stephanie/Grace (Big bang litter) and older sister Sandy/Maggie (Sponge Bob Litter) ❤️😍😘 These girls are full sisters to Grace☺️ Dennis will be here this weekend for a rendezvous with Grace. Christmas babies!! So exciting! I’ll have two months to get the nursery at the new house ready😃The tiny house has no room for babies, that’s for sure☺️

October 18, 2016 Life is good

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I must say I love it here surrounded by all my pets but one ( black kitty is at the big house so she’s safe) the kitties live in the trailer next to the house, they always have food in there and heating pads, I’ve built them towers and cushy pillow beds so they can lay by the window and look out, they are happy kitties and enjoy being loved up on and off all day ( all fixed so no kittens to go ferrel) it’s a new poodle pass time to watch for them😃 We passed plumbing and heating inspections and new yard is coming in at big house. I can’t say I’m eager to leave here. Tiny house living is fun😃

October 16, 2016 Queen/ Kenzie

Rene and Wally’s adorable baby girl from the ROYALITY litter Queen / Kenzie😃😃 Such a beauty! We are looking forward to a weekend visit from Dennis!! Harlee and I have been collecting names for a Xmas theme ( 50 shades of Grey will have to wait😃) We are thinking MARVEL for the Dottie litter😃Themes are fun and spark our memory 😘

October 15, 2016 Lyra

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My adorable Lyra Loo❤️ She’ll be a year old in a couple weeks. What a funny goofy girl she is like her mother Grace😘 She makes me laugh all day. Grace loves her here with us. I wonder how she will be with her new Christmas babies😃 We are so excited and looking forward to a Dennis visit on the weekend😃

October 14, 2016 Dani/Nellie

imageAnother fabulous Rosalie and Dennis baby! What great colors we get from those two😍 Phantoms can have lots of different markings but hers are so distinct ( like Aunt Izzie) Every litter can be entirely different, we didn’t get any like her the second litter and the first litter didn’t have any sable. It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get😃