December 20, 2016 Shrek babies

Happy 6th birthday to Patti Sue and Ruben’s SHREK babies! Shrek/ Fergus, Farkle/Beau, Donkey/Trek, Fergus/Gus, Felicia, Fiona/Blanch, Lillian/Kai, Doris/Shelby and Fifi/ Phoebe😘😘😘
😩Time goes so fast!


December 19, 2016 Sheldon/Aiden

imageAnother Patti Sue and Ruben baby Sheldon/Aiden from the BIG BANG litter (he was waiting for a Grace baby to join his family😩) I love poodle Christmas photos 😃

December 18, 2016 Sammi Sue

imageMerry Christmas from Patti Sue and Rubens baby Samantha/ Sammi Sue from the “sex in the city” litter (Graces big sister) 😘 It was a sad day when I got Patti fixed, her babies were so special, they love to make you laugh ( unlike any other beloved poodle I’ve had)😉 Grace is doing better she will eat if I feed her ( glad to but hopefully not forever) she is very needy ( more than usual)and will play with Lyra. The vet said we can prevent this next time by monitoring her hormone levels. He said we would most likely never know why those babies came early😢 All I know is I wish they hadn’t 😩

December 17, 2016 Sad Grace


How I wish we could comfort Grace😭 It doesn’t help that we are sad, she picks up on that ( they all do) she has stopped looking for where we have put the babies 😭 She knows they are gone, her heart broken.  In searching the Internet I suspect she had a change in harmone levels ( something we can monitor next time) that prompted the early delivery ( like women) I sure hope we never have to experience this again, it’s nothing short of awful😩

November 16, 2016 Unbearable news

imageWe are full of sadness and heartache today. Grace had her babies a week early, only being pregnant 8 weeks that is a seven very important days making survival unlikely ( no hair, underdeveloped lungs and no ability to suck) only 3 survived the birth and one by one we lost them. Poor Grace is depressed howls and won’t eat. She loves being a mom😭 in 28 years I’ve never had babies this early (2-3 more days and they could have survived) in searching the Internet it seems to fall into the “shit happens ” category, thankfully it’s rare😭😭just in case we will monitor harmone levels her next litter in 6 months. We are all so depressed 😩

November 14, 2016 Walther/Knight

What an adorable boy! I love his top knot😃 That is a Wally expression for sure😃 So cute! He is in training to be a service dog, his mother Rene is so laid back she would have been perfect service dog 😍 Alls well here nursery at the new house is ready for floor and paint😃

November 13, 2016 Poodle train

imageNext to my poodle Xmas tree, my poodle train is my favorite Xmas decoration, such detail! I’d love to get the tree and snowman (all retired) but not cheap😬 And hard to find.   Which makes it that much more fun😃

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