December 3, 2016 pet helpers

Everyone who has a poodle KNOWS what good helpers they try to be😃 Rosalie really wants Mindy to stop wrapping presents so she can assume her usual evening position of cuddling on her lap😂 Lol poodles really don’t know they are not, well you know, lets not tell them😘

December 1, 2016 Half way

First signs of a babies bump is showing itself YEAH!! Grace is long and large ( 82 lbs) and can hide those babies quite well😃 So we are always gleeful to see them appear!! The Christmas theme will be fun🎄 We’ve had two other Christmas litters so we had to dig deep for new names Shepard,Joseph, Rudolph, Dasher, George Bailey, Grinch, Clarence, Jolly, Star, Vixen, Angel, Cindy Loo Hoo, Mary and Wishes we have spares but these are our favorites😍 Dottie babies are due New Years I need some New Years football ideas to add to our list but since we are not sports people I’ll need so help☺️ The others are Midnight, Cheers, Confetti, Bubbly, Champaign, Eve, Baby, January😃 WE CANT WAIT!!

November 30, 2016 Helpers

imageToday’s project was putting down subfloor. Once down the dogs will stay much cleaner. I’m not going to put down final flooring until we get a garage and breezeway built, the clay is impossible to get off your shoes😬 Won’t be long and we’ll be leaving our tiny house and moving in😃 I need to see if the puppy cams will work with slower internet before the big days😃

November 29, 2016 Beauties!! Willa & Sidney

imageThese girls are stunning! Rosalie and Dennis babies have such unique color ( and they are sweet and so smart😃) Grace is getting a baby bump (25 days to go) I can’t wait to see who we get!! They are enjoying our new routine of working at the new house from 8-3 ( although sometimes they impede our work being underfoot for the first hour when they are happy to see Tom and last hour when they want to go home) Lyra added a splash of INNOCENT SPRING FAWN to her hip leaning against the living room wall😳 I was lucky she was the only painted poodle of the day😂

November 28, 2016 poodle tree

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I always look forward to putting up my poodle tree ( right😳 How am I going to paint behind there???) Thirty years of collecting ornaments 😃 Some years you can find a lot of them, other years not many but I buy everyone I see😃 I usually make a couple to share with my friends that have poodle trees😃 Grace is getting a big appetite, I feed her all she wants. She’s long with lots of room to hide babies but they suddenly pop out😃 Dottie is a week behind😃 What better present than new babies😍😍😍