October 28, 2016 Franc/Koa

imageI never dreamed we’d get brindle babies from Dennis and Grace! What a surprise 😃 They are so unique, most people have no idea poodles come in so many fun colors! I hope she has some more, every litter can be entirely different, the truth is we many never get any more😭 I hope that’s not the case, we’d love a brindle girl!! Lyra wants a baby sister😘


October 27, 2016 Savannah & Bentley

imageAmy Farrarh/Savannah (Patti Sue and Ruben baby and younger sister to Grace) and Rubles/Bentley ( Grace and Dennis baby) are big and beautiful!! Bentley is 80 lbs and will be s year old in a couple weeks😃 With more growing to do!! He will be s big brother around Christmas, we are so excited!!!

October 26, 2016 Hocus Pocus babies

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Happy 1st birthday to Rosalie and Dennis HOCUS POCUS BABIES!! Jenny/Brandy, Dani/Nellie, Sara/Evie, Winny/Reader, Jay/Teddy, Max/Frank, Ernie/Nitro, Billy/Ryder and Binx😘😍❤️ All beauties!! Rosalie and Dennis have such wonderful colors!!Cant wait for more this spring😍

October 25, 2016 Sweet Patti Sue

imageThis girl is just precious 😃 I’m so glad the weekly shots help her legs (although so does have an occasional bad day)😕 She makes sure everyone has sparkling clean eyes ( much to their dismay)😃 We have enjoyed every day of her 11 1/2 years😘


October 23, 2016 Christmas babies!!

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We are SO EXCITED about new babies! Grace and Dennis second family of big silly pups😃 We won’t be able to confirm until about Thanksgiving but there is no reason to think we won’t have success😃 Dennis is just the sweetest boy and Grace such a goof that the combination is pure delight😘