February 22, 2015 Wanda/ Star

IMG_4762I don’t get to see Wanda/Star very often so it was fun to get a picture of her. She’s a Patti Sue and Ruben baby from the comedians litter. Clean up continues with a dozen fans and heaters drying the floors and ceilings, feels like the house is going to take flight😳 very INCONVIENT having the bedrooms tore up. Could be worse, it isn’t the kitchen!!


February 21, 2015 broken pipe!

IMG_4791Harlee didn’t have school it was 21 below, so around 2 pm she came up from her room and said the ceiling is leaking water. Sure enough it was more that a leak though a flood of hot water the family room was like a sauna. I ran upstairs to see where else there was water and my bedroom floor had an inch of water in fact it was gushing from my wall like someone had laid a hose on the floor. Tom was out on the lake so we quick called him to come home. I had no idea what to shut off that wouldn’t burn up something else. I knew being hot it was coming from the boiler. Tom shut everything off and the insurance company sent Service Master who immediately started ripping out ceilings and pulling up floors. Six guys worked 12 hours. The dogs were going crazy with strangers coming in and out but it wasn’t long before they got used to it and barely moved. Something tells me this is going to be a long process. It could have been worse the damage was really mine and Harlee’s bedrooms and the end of the family room where we keep the puppies. I had just repainted those rooms and Harlee had new floor boo hoo

February 20, 2015 Lexie and Rosalie

IMG_478523 below today! The girls are snuggling to keep warm ( their coats are being washed). They like coats and we prefer it to panting in the house because they have too much hair! They are outside a few minutes a day so they need a haircut that makes them comfortable the rest of the time indoors. We also don’t like the wooly look😳 still cold, will be until March they are saying.

February 18, 2015 Jasper/Ozzy

IMG_4782lol I love these photos of dogs pouring out of a bed too small. This adorable boy is Lexie and Elliot’s TWILIGHT baby Jasper/Ozzy (RENE and Rosalie’s litter mate) I’m so excited to breed RENE and Rosalie with Dennis as we can get phantoms and sables!! We love the unique colors!!

February 17, 2015 Bruce/ Riley

IMG_4733Look who’s in a PRO PLAN COMMERCIAL!! Our DOTTIE/WALLY baby Bruce/Riley!! I don’t like kibble but I sure like to see our babies featured in an AD😀 so cold! I’m keeping busy painting coffee mugs and wine glasses😀 they are fun to do and beverages taste better in them TOO


February 16, 2015 Patti Sue

IMG_4717I love my poodle scarf made by Genia Dumont and thought Patti would look cute in it. So knowing she is SO tolerant of anything you do to her I wrapped it around her and adjusted it until I could get a good picture. Genia has a couple scarfs for sale , they make great gifts I can tell you how to get in touch with her if you want one I think she has a red and cream😀 SOOOO cold here, out to pee and back in!