December 12, 2015 Twentyeight

28 babies is a new experience!! 20 is the most we’ve ever had. And we are busy keeping pups, house and yard clean!  The babies love attention and  refuse to be ignored,  everybody gets lovin! Harlee’s hair is taking a beating though haha 😀 Rosie babies go to the vet Monday then start going to their new homes where they will be center of attention 😀


December 11, 2015 Moola’s mom

Moola  will be joining the curly girls (Lexie and Wally babies) 😀 They will love having a big boy to play with and he is so sweet! I cant wait to see his final color! Thankfully it’s been warm, the babies are using the puppy door and pooping outside (playing inside) everybody growing like a weed!! Life is good!

December 10,2015 Sharp teeth

Play time is getting rough :0 Little stinkers bite everything.  A big kiss is usually followed up with a nip 😀 Rosie babies start going home next week 😦  They are ready for individual attention (the one thing we can’t give them).   Everybody potties outside most of the time via the dog door, and they eat kibble (the moms don’t want to be devoured).  They are learning correct canine interaction these last couple weeks.   Only three babies need homes Dave, Franc and Euro.  We will keep Lira if she is brindle (I’m thinking not) otherwise with deep regret I will make her available for adoption.

December 9, 2015 Puppy play!

Well it’s pretty busy now days with 28 frisky pups tearing around.  they sure enjoy their play time and go back to bed for a nap whe they are worn out, some faster than others.  They know I have tissue in my pockets little smarties and always snatch it out, it’s great fun to tease with.  Thankfully the weather has been good (high 30’s) so my hose works and I can keep outside clean.  They are always pooping outside but not always pee 😀 It’s a process!

December 8, 2015 Five WEEKS!


CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! Dottie babies are five weeks old today and getting cuter by the minute! Such little cuties!! They hold their own with the Rosalie babies who at 8 days older and can be kind of rough. They are so sweet to the younger Grace babies.  My 28 baths on Saturday didn’t last long, I have stinky babies from playing outside in the rain (boo hoo)   so we potty outside and play in the family room. It is crazy! 28 happy puppies running, playing, biting me, toys and each other.  It’s pretty funny 😀


November 7, 2015 Busy day!

Our days are getting pretty busy, with puppy love and clean up.  With this many babies somebody is pooping 😀 It’s getting harder to get good pictures as all my subjects are moving 😀  OMG they are ALL so cute! Personalities are really coming out, some so sweet they sit and patiently wait for lovin, some busy with toys, some little balls of fire.  ALL SO CUTE! We’re having fun! Life is good!