January 30, 2015 JoDee/Alina

IMG_4346Hahahaha looks like JoDee/Alina has settled in nicely😀 LOL LOVE her innocent face☺️ it is clear to see this pup is treasured❤️it is worth it to me to keep them until we find the RIGHT HOME. If I didn’t care where they went and what their lives would be like I’d give them a clearance price and be “rid” ( you get RID of mice and lice NOT PUPPIES) of them like other breeders. We think our babies deserve the BEST LIVES (something I think ALL pets should get but sadly I can only control what happens to mine) 😭 Today is our last day with HIGHNESS/Sophie like JODEE/Alina she will be so loved and so special to her new family💕



January 29, 2015 Hard at work

IMG_4340We go everyday to Bill and Harlee’s new home to get it ready to move into. It’s been quite a project as old guy bought it for young girl, young girl moves in young guy so old guy throws them both out but not before they totally TRASH the place😡 We replaced pretty much everything. It’s on 20 wooded acres in Harlee’s school district which was more important than the shape of the house. So I take Highness/Sophie and Parris with me, so she’s not spending time alone, and Parris is the best girl, just happy being with me. I like projects so I’m happy to help out while he’s at work. After awhile they think we’ve been there long enough and I get this look😀


January 28, 2015 WALLY and Jake/Fenway

IMG_4339Two handsome guys!! It’s our sweet stud muffin WALLY and his buddy (Dottie’s brother) Jake/Fenway a NICOLE and Elliot baby. Good thing they have different color noses or I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart😀 they live with my friend Genia in Mason Michigan. Love that they come to reunions!! But I do get to see him a couple times a year when he comes to make babies. ☺️

January 27, 2015 Highness

IMG_4335This pup is something else😍 her family is going to really enjoy her! We meet them Saturday in Lansing, then Harlee and I are going to visit Trish Ted and the twins for a couple hours. We hate to be gone too long but Mindy will be pet sitting for me. With no babies Harlee, the dogs and I can spend the weekend at the park, we haven’t done that for quite awhile, I’m looking forward to it!! Hopefully the girls will start their heats on time and we will enjoy new babies in a few months☺️


January 26, 2015 SNOW!!

IMG_4327Poodles love to be wet! They love snow! Especially NEW SNOW!! LEXIE babies Dominik/Churchill and Miss Kay/Chardonnay 😀 enjoying the winter weather!! We haven’t had any snow, it’s been cold but no snow. Sometimes I’d like a little because I’m not that fond of YELLOW snow😳 All’s well here, we are enjoying our final few days with Sophie/Highness. She is SO GOOD. I take her and PARRIS with me when I go work on Bill’s house, they lay watching moving from room to room with me. She’s a perfect puppy!! I’m going to miss her pouncing and prancing😩

January 25, 2015 Ronald/Liev

2015/01/img_4326.jpgAlex brought his designated driver Ronald/Liev😀 I know that look well, I haul all six of mine around and if I come out of the store a different door than I went in, I see all eyes fixated on the spot I was last seen haha. They’d rather go and wait in the car than be without me. It was ONE DEGREE this morning when I got up BURRRRR Parris ( not the baby😁)woke me up at 6 ( she doesn’t seem to think I should sleep longer than that) as I’m trying to ignore her rolling around on me she fell off the bed😳 what a way to start the day! Harlee is here today and tomorrow if it warms up we will go to the park from the bus stop to enjoy our last few days with Highness/Sophie 😥😀

January 24, 2015 Greg/Bertie

2015/01/img_4323.jpgDOTTIE and WALLY sure had cute kids! We haven ‘t seen Greg/ Bertie for awhile so this photo was a special treat! I love how he resembles a couple of Dottie’s older sisters Fiesta and Bell/Bella. Same black head with little white around the nose. Beautiful boy!!
We worked on Bills house for a few hours today, Highness stayed home in her crate but then got to go on a RANGER ride around the lake. I’m not sure how she liked it, she stayed pretty close to PARRIS. All this new stuff is good for her😊 she goes home Friday or Saturday. We will miss her SO MUCH! She is just a perfect girl!!