February 28, 2016 Rosalie

imageWe are having fun with hair dye😀 I’m not so sure Rosalie is but we like it😀 She has started her cycle so hopefully we will have her babies a week after Rene’s. She had the most beautiful colors of babies!! Rene had reds and apricots her first litter so we are hoping for more of those too!! Tomorrow I should get Scarlett and Beemer. I’m looking forward to seeing them. I don’t expect their time being boarded effected them much since they had each other, but I’m sure they’ll be really happy to be part of a family again. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jill😢

My latest project, my patriotic poodle shoes😀 Nothing like binge watching BREAKING BAD ( for the 20th time) to inspire shoe painting😀


February 27, 2016 Peso/Ru

42 lbs at 16 weeks Peso/Ru is going to be a BIG BOY LIKE GRANDPA Ruben 😀 We LOVE big silly poodles and add the bonus of these unique colors and we think we’ve hit the jack pot😀 Both Rene and Rosalie are in season so Wally will be here over this next weekend (4th)and Dennis the following weekend (11th). With babies due in May, going home in July. Oh we can’t wait!! It’s like Chrismas seeing the different colors we get😀 Patti and Parris doing good. Nicki waiting for summer so she can play with her beloved red ball😀

February 26, 2016 No school

The pups are always so glad to see Harlee, since she didn’t have school we painted poodle shoes for the park reunion☺️ Harlee’s aren’t done. These are mine and Mindy’s😀 Yes I’ll paint you some. Send me the shoes (I got these at Walmart)  what colors you want and $20 for painting and return shipping😀

February 25, 2016 Grace babies

Im not sure I’m going to be able to wait for fall to have more of these babies! Franc/Koa (top) and Buck/Sunji ( bottom) Every time I see Lira and pictures of her litter mates I WANT ONE!! I could move Rene babies to the fall ( not doing three litters again) but I should probably stick to the plan. IF there is some space between litters (weeks) I may rethink the schedule ( as spring babies are easier to transport)😀
We are still on track to get Cesar/Beemer and Martina/Scarlett next Monday ( no updates on Scarlett’s recovery but she is being fostered by the vet, so I assume she’s fine) I haven’t made any commitments about their new home ( couple reasons, in the event the family changes their mind and I haven’t really come across my invisioned ideal home for them) Lots of wonderful people have contacted us, (thank you for that) more updates as I have additional information😘



February 24, 2016 Beau ( aka Boo Bear)

imageTen years old today our Sweet stud muffin Beau (Lexie’s dad). When we got Beau phantoms and parti poodles were extremely rare! American breeders had successfully wiped out all colors but solids ( even killing parti puppies and ones that carried the gene to ensure they didn’t resurface) but thankfully a Texas breeder brought them back and people love the unique colors! Black and white parti poodles were the original color! Both Beau’s grandparents were black, phantoms just seem to pop up😀 We can’t wait for more (Rosalie will have some with Dennis. Rene will not have any with Wally he doesn’t have a phantom gene). Rene has started her heat so we expect her babies May 6ish going home the first week of July😀YEAH!!!

February 23, 2016 Turning EIGHT


Where does eight years go? The “things that are red” babies have a birthday today😭 Chili, Penny (who looks so much like Reba it makes my heart hurt) Berry/Sugie and Rusty/Bentley. With only four they were butterballs☺️ the puppy socializer hard at work😍


February 22, 2016 Mouseketeers!

imageI love seeing our babies Sally/Fantasia ( black & white) and Emir/Micky ( cream) 😀the adorable girl in the middle, Minnie isn’t ours but she is SO SO SWEET! I can’t wait to see them at the spring reunion☺️ We went to the park again today, there is still snow but it wasn’t bad walking. There is more snow in the forecast but as long as it’s not that icey sharp crust we can continue or daily park play time. The park kitties do not like the over zealous poodles and stay far away, I’m glad! I’ve given up on any co existing. I’d be so upset if any of the kitties were harmed, so best not to make an attempt at making friends and fail. A pack of sweet wonderful dogs act very different as an excited group😬