November 23, 2014 Sonny/Cash

IMG_3352.JPGRene’s big brother from the GREASE litter! What a beauty he is!! Looks like they are having much better weather in Texas than we are here!! As much as I hate 15 degrees 48 and rain is much worse! Muddy babies and they are very vocal about only having access to the tile yard only!!
Adorable Majesty got a home today!! She can’t leave until Friday so until then she will get lots of lovin from us. Boo hoo my babies are going home😥



November 22, 2014 Duck Dynasty babies are ONE!!

IMG_3344.JPGHappy first birthday to Lexie and Wally’s DUCK DYNASTY BABIES! MIss Kay/Chardonnay, Korie/Pippin, Christine/Nora, Sadie, Lisa, Phil, Martin/Knox and Silas/Whitman!! Wow that year went fast!! Our cute little Dolly went home today. Harlee said a private goodbye and like a trooper handed her to her new family. We talk about going through life losing things/pets/people you love and how to deal with it 😪 at least puppy losses for us are a happy beginning not an end😍


November 21, 2014 Kongs

IMG_3345.JPGThe babies love being upstairs, they love the adult dogs and extra lovin. At first they crept around with their tails down but now the second their feet touch the ground they tear around after Grace and anybody with low hanging boobs😊 they adapt to new situations so quickly. Such happy babies. Sweet Dolly goes home tomorrow. That pup just loves Harlee so it will be hard on her (although she won’t cry she’s a professional) We love them all, but when that pup likes YOU BEST is when it’s way harder to pass them to their new family. The beaming faces of the new family overshadows our sadness. Nothing is more fun than getting a puppy!!!


November 20, 2014 Extreme cuteness

IMG_3248.JPGI’m so glad I had so many adorable puppies when I lost Reba. Adjusting to life without her is a process. The worst is getting up ( and remembering she’s gone) feeding time ( one less bowl) and going to bed (missing her snuggled up next to me, her spot for 13 years). Seeing these sweet little faces is like therapy ( until Majesty reminds me of what Reba looked like as a baby, something about her sweet little ears) I love the puppy breath, and sweet little kisses ( even the bites) I love how the litter mates interact. It is beyond sweet!!


November 19, 2014 Tanya/Katie flies to Texas

IMG_3261.JPGTanya made an uneventful trip to Dallas to join our Barbie/Lacey from Francis and Jack’s Toy Story litter and her new mother Kay! I’m sure their nice weather ( and grass ) is a big surprise for her. The roads were horrible it took me almost 3 hours to drive what normally takes 90 minutes. I’m glad I allowed plenty of time. I had no idea the roads were that bad 😳 Lacey loves her little niece already, they will be great friends! Two poodles are TWICE THE FUN!!


November 18, 2014 Dottie babies 8 weeks old

IMG_3295.JPGSooooo cute!! Dottie’s babies are eight weeks old today!! Big beautiful loving babies. So gentle with the smaller pups 😘 Bonnie and JoDee have Dottie’s beautiful face! I’ve always loved her face, and her loving eyes. I’m so glad she has passed them on to her babies! It’s really been cold but doesn’t slow the pups down, they love outside and rush back in to snuggle on the heating pads. We take turns upstairs for extra lovin and a chance to explore somewhere new. I love spending my afternoons loving babies!!


November 17, 2014 on the bed!!

IMG_3144.JPGHarlee loves all the babies on her bed. They love it too. It’s a sea of puppy love! It’s a lot of work getting them outside as they start to wake up and want to pee😳 such little cuties! We try to do something different every day, so they are used to a flexible schedule and new things. Such happy little lovers!! They are enjoying their cooked meat diet, eggs and yogurt. They still get kibble but only because their little systems can’t handle all meat ( like a human baby that graduates from milk, to strained food, then junior food and finally table food). A great start for a long life😍