November 12, 2016 Game of thrones girls

imageimageLook how big the baby girls are getting ❤️Two more of the beautiful GAME OF THRONES babies Danerys/Piper with uncle Felix/Oliver and Brianne/Charley with her great Aunt Bailey❤️😃😘 Its so fun to get pictures of our sweet babies😘
Dottie has lots of babies in there ( she usually has 9-10) Grace it’s so hard to tell, I didn’t think she had very many last time and she had 10😊 I guess I’ll have to wait and see ( it’s not easy). We will be moving over to the new house before the babies come, we are working on the puppy room now. I hate to leave here, it’s cozy and I’m so enjoying the cats😍


December 11, 2016 SNOW

The girls love new fluffy snow! Lyra does laps zooming by and running circles around the other dogs ( she annoys them they are trying to sniff) it’s fun to watch her, she is a carefree happy baby😃
The kitties are in their kitty trailer curled up on their heating pads, being snugly warm and full bellied they have no reason to be anywhere else😍 Having wanted cats all my life I’m delighted to make my “friends (Monica, Ross, Chandler and Joey) happy and content😘

December 10, 2016 Dottie babies!

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Dottie babies are as sweet as she is, so loving and devoted. I keep telling her she won’t have to steal any babies she’ll have her own soon😍She is such a good mom😃 The new nursery will be ready but I’m having trouble with the puppy cams. I’ll be happy to get one working. I have a new Dsl modem that has the router in same box so I can’t use my old settings😬 I’m not sure I have the energy for several hours with tech support 😩

December 9, 2016 Grace babies

imageimageEvery time I see this boys I see their mom Grace and grandpa Ruben😍 My favorite part of having babies is seeing my beloved pets live on😍 We really enjoy the antics of Lyra Loo, I can’t wait to see her with her little siblings, just a couple more weeks!!

December 8, 2016 TBT

imageRuben always loved the biggest stick he could find and his baby Grace ( and other of his pups) do too😂 We get the biggest kick out of her, she’s such a goof ( something that passes down to her babies😃 She loves to make us laugh😍 Just 15 days to go for more baby Lyra’s!! She doesn’t seem very big but as I recall she didn’t last time either she has lots of room to hide those babies😃 We can’t wait for our surprise!! Dottie has a fat little belly with 3 weeks to go😍 So exciting, so hard waiting to see who you get😃

December 7, 2016 WHIMPY kids are 3

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Happy 3rd birthday to Dottie and Wally’s WHIMPY KIDS babies Dorothy/Bridgett, Susan/Gracie, Patty/Ivy, Reba/Ava, Holly/Maya, Loretta/Lola, Bruce/Riley, Greg/Bertie and Frank!! We can wait for our New Years babies ❤️❤️Dottie and Wally make the sweetest puppies, we can’t wait to meet their new siblings New Years eve😍😍😍