November 23, 2016 Window peeker

imageIm going to hate leaving the park, I so enjoy my cats😃 They get up on the grill and look in reminding me it’s time for a meal😃 All my life I’ve wanted a cat but Tom thought he didn’t like them ( his dad hated cats) but here I can have all I want😃 He brought me a stray from hunting camp to add to the 5 I already have. We took him straight to the vet to get fixed ( he already was) shots, wormed and flea meds. This summer Harlee and I got an elaborate rabbit hutch that we converted to a kitty holding pen ( we added a story for a kitty potty area with wire mesh so they can see the other cats and get acquainted. He has his own heating pad and food and doesn’t seem to mind being confined. I hated that trailer but it makes a perfect CAT HOUSE😃 I feed the cats the same food I cook for the dogs and they do not shed, their coats are so shiny. Food REALLY MATTERS!! Since the poodles don’t shed I didn’t realize the difference it really does make😃 Gunther sheds bad! I’ll be watching for changes in his coat and overall health😃


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