September 24, 2016 County singers

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Happy 2nd birthday to Dottie and Wally’s COUNTRY SINGER babies! Jodee/Alaina, Martina/Scarlett, Tanya/Katie, Patsy/Cookie, Bonnie/Lily, Dolly/Lilly, Hank, Luke/Mac, Toby and Waylon/Walt😘😍❤️😃Dottie and Wally have the sweetest babies. I’m thinking of co-owning a boy from their next litter as husband to Lyra and a future brindle girl Harlee calls Gidget) Dottie has lots of colors in her background (Wally has more light colors, no phantom, sable or brindle) I really perfer to keep my own babies as I know years of health history ( sadly people are not honest or they don’t know more than the dog they own) they think genetic testing will fill in the blanks but it only reveals what the dog has or doesn’t have at the time of testing, not what is in the family tree or what future illness may develop. Twenty five years of keeping my own wonderful pets seems to be a better choice to ensure I have a healthy studmuffin😘 Email/text/call me if you live a couple hours away or closer if you’d like to share a male baby with me😃


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