September 29, 2016 TBT

imageI’ve been going through boxes and boxes of photos and remembering our favorite family moments. It all goes so unbelievably fast😩 Lily loved to ride anything that moved, she’d lean to stay on😂 She is Grace’s great great great great great grandma😘 What a personality she had, loved dill pickles and watermellon😃 I cried for two months after she died, I thought I’d never stop. Then I found Checkers ( Patti’s mom) in need of rescue, breeding stock and unloved. She reminded me SO MUCH of Lily in looks and behavior. My tears turned to smiles as she mended my broken heart❤️ The only way to get over devastating loss is the distraction of someone else to care for🐩


2 thoughts on “September 29, 2016 TBT

  1. Yup, and your words made me cry about my Quinn…my 1st standard poodle who died too soon but changed our lives forever because he made us LOVE standard poodles! Our sweet baby, Emerson (Lysa) has filled that void in our hearts. We are completely in love with her. She found us, and it was just meant to be! Thank you so much. Barb for our beautiful girl!!

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