August 21, 2016 Levi & Oliver

imageWhat a pair! Rand/Levi is one of the brindle babies from Grace and Dennis 😀The other beauty is Graces older brother Sanford/Oliver from the SEX IN THE CITY litter. Two poodles are TWICE THE FUN😀
We are glad Tyrion has his sister here, he’d be terrorizing the girls all day without a litter mate to play with. He makes us laugh, just the best boy. I made the mistake of sharing my gummy worms with him and he loves them. Now he gently insists I give him a bite (I can’t resist those eyes). He’d of been gone weeks ago if I didn’t care where he went or what his life would be like. I owe it to his mother who entrusted her babies to me to find the best people to love the puppies she gave me. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, he just keeps getting better😘



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