July 20, 2016 Ten weeks old

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We adore these babies, such lovers! They STOP what they’re doing to race to see us😍 Tyrion is HUGE 20 lbs at 10 weeks. His marking are fabulous his brown is brindle. He looks at me so lovingly I dread the day he leaves😭(But I hope it’s soon as we get more attached to each other😩) Jamie is a big boy too 17.5 lbs he loves both Harlee and I and goes back and forth between us. He is so laid back, happy to sit on our lap and soak up the love. We love his color and those expressive eyes😍
Ed is 15 lbs. He loves Harlee and is so so sweet😘 Being the smallest we have spoiled him rotton😉 Lysa (15.7 lbs) is so funny, she takes on the boys and gives them a run for their money. She is rare sable. Her dark hair will turn light( like her nose did) this color is so fun, a poodle like no one else has!! We would gladly keep any/all of them😀 ( I know, we say that about all our babies😜)


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