July 29, 2016 Vet visit

imageimageimageimageGoing to the vet is usually pretty routine but not today. Harlee and I started out (early as usual) with the four pups and Lyra in the Poohaul about 5-6 miles away the engine started missing and acted like it was going to stall we went a bit farther hoping it would clear up, it didn’t so we turned around and headed home to get the car. Since we weren’t planning on puppies in the car we had nothing to clean up puke and was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary 😉That however was not the case as all four had relieved themselves of their breakfast by the time we got there ( and lay in it) thinking back it may have been my driving since we were now late😬 At any rate we made it, they got their shots and we cleaned everybody up when we got home. Mission accomplished 😀


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