August 12, 2016 More babies going home

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Ed has a new home in Ohio! He will join his new family tomorrow😀😩Lysa goes home Wednesday, she gets water and a 10 year old girl!! Both getting wonderful people who will adore them😀 Every day I have Tyrion I’m happy/sad he looks at me with such adoring eyes I know he thinks he gets to stay. He will be such a loving devoted companion. It seems like the last baby always seems to get an extra special family making parting with them possible ( I know the longer I have them the pickier I get😭) This baby has my heart😩 Harlee won’t get to say goodbye to her Ed, she’s in the U.P with her friend. Better I think ( she calls him her man) we both adore sweet Lysa (hopefully she can come to reunions she’s not that far) This is the painful part of raising babies😩 We want to keep every one😢


One thought on “August 12, 2016 More babies going home

  1. We are over the moon about Lysa, whom we already named Emerson (Emmy). And we already have the September reunion on our calendar!! What a blessing it has been to find Barb and her babies. We are looking forward to becoming part of her standard poodle legacy.

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