August 14, 2016 Jamie/Smokey


I don’t think Jamie misses us one bit! His new mom got him this fabulous pool and he has it all to himself. Cousin Earl/Charley won’t go in ( I think he will at some point) so he thrashes around enjoying himself ( looks like he’s teasing them to me😂)
The two babies here are adorable, they are with us all day and I know they think they are staying ( I wish they could, we can only have 6 dogs at the new house) they follow the girls down to the truck and hop in knowing we are going to play at the park😀 Lyra can be a little rough so they keep an eye out for where she is, she knows she is NOT suppose to trample babies, she just can’t help herself😳 They come home exhausted and are the BEST babies the rest of the day❤️


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