September 17, 2016 Youth hunt

imageHarlee got her first deer😃 I personally don’t see what’s fun about killing something (unless it poses a danger, I have shot a porcupine trying to get in the dog fence) but to each their own. It was a long shot 140 yards ( Bill does have her practice so she does wound) she was so proud of herself😃 As she should be at 11😃 I don’t agree with youth hunt, I think it’s too easy to get a big deer making real hunting season too hard ( our country’s everybody gets a prize mentality) some things shouldn’t be easy like shooting unsuspecting bucks that aren’t aware of a new season😕 Hunting families hunt and teach their kids. Skiing people ski, golfing people golf etc you don’t need a special season for kids, they’d hunt anyway. ☺️ My rant


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