November 17, 2016 TBT


I love this picture😃 Our “pack-o-poos” is smaller now missing Reba, Parris, Francis and Poppy who went to California with Pat😘  So many wonderful memories of the animals that touched our hearts😍

Tom brought me a stray cat from his hunting camp, Gunther😃 He was already fixed and very friendly.  Tom didn’t want to feed him because that house will be vacant after hunting season ( but he cried non stop at the door 😩)but I told him to bring him here, he could live at the park with our 5 current “friends” Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica and Rachel (Aka Kitty Binx) not knowing he was already fixed, Tom dropped him off at the vet for surgery, shots, flea and worm removal and I picked him up ( pleased with the reduced price) 😉He is currently in our kitty hutch getting used to his new home.  I will never understand how people discard animals who love and depend on them ( makes me furious).  Gunther ( named after the waiter at the coffee shop) will come to enjoy his new life😃


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